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Tomorrow I am reaching a new mile stone in my music career. Tomorrow I am re-recording my EP - "Songs For The Authentic Soul". This EP was a year and a half in the making and suffice it to say, working with the main producer was a serious test of my patience, perseverance, and commitment to my music. Honestly, I think if I hadn't told people I was recording an EP, and I didn't sign a contract to finish the product and pay, I don't think I would have made it.

To say I was less than enthused with the EP would be a serious understatement. I told the producer the final product was fine just so I didn't have to work with her anymore, and I could take my EP and make it new again for myself. It was an expensive learning lesson, and painful experience. I almost lost the will to record music again because of the entire experience, which left me feeling gun shy to go back in to the studio and make something again. When you hear your voice auto-tuned, artificially sped up & slowed down, and off beat with the track, the process loses it's sparkle, and you start to wonder if you suck, or if you sound like that in real life when people are listening to you. I knew I was better than the EP that was produced, and so, I made a decision to take what I had for now, give it to people who had been waiting and pre-purchased a CD, and used it as promotional material anyway, but I always knew in the back of my mind, I was going to re-record my EP. I couldn't die until I made something great.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, not just because I'm making a work of art, that I can control the direction of, and chip, shape, and shift in to the masterpiece I'm dreaming of, but it's because I'm taking my power back. For years, I've agonized over telling people I have an EP, because I don't want my first impression to be... that. Some of you may be saying "Oh Joannah, don't be so hard on yourself," but the thing is, I have high, HUGE expectations of my music career, myself, and where I see myself going. I know the music isn't all of me, it doesn't define who I am, but it's a support of who I am as an artist, and of my talents and ability to make something I truly love and enjoy.

I know that when I sing the best, is when I'm well rehearsed, I'm properly warmed up, and I'm singing with all my heart, because I'm comfortable in my space. I'm comfortable with my guitar, the sound around me, and I can feel the vibe of the crowd. It's easy to get lost in the music, and when you do, people really notice you, cause they can feel it too. Its an energetic force, and they're drawn to good musicians, who take pride in their sound, and their song, and that's the kind of artist I want to be. That's the kind of artist I am, so I need something that represents me as such, and that's why I have such high hopes and standards for the output and outcome of this EP.

I have new music I want to record, but it suits me best, and feels like it's in my best interest, to re-record this EP first. So I'm doing it tomorrow, I'm taking the first steps to creating my "David", and I'm putting my music making abilities and skills to the test. I'm nervous to see what the outcome is, but I'm also very confident it will be positive, and prosperous.

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